• Hela Mylavarapu

Never Looking Back


Moving forward with a clear mind and renewed hope takes a big chunk of courage. People bury the devils of their past in the deepest lanes of memory or few others make peace with those devils before killing them, for the best. It is never simple and never easy.

Darkness engulfing your bare soul and before you realize its source, you are already drowning in it. It seemed as if it was all over. There was only one way out. He had the power to end it all with a snap of his finger, but he chose not to. He faced his demons with extraordinary force, gathering up every tiny bit of energy. He’s now tired and helpless. He stayed in the dark for a while. On one lovely day, beautiful white butterflies guided him towards the light. He was blinded by the smoke but the soft wings could be heard and felt, almost like sorcery.

What had happened in now deep history, not meant to tug again.

It feels much easier to wake up each day without its burden. But without carrying it in the first place, he wouldn't be where he is ; He's happy and proud. After experiencing the deep blue valley, the air on top of the tall peak felt fresher. With an ageing scar he went on.

The lessons learnt are carried in his heart which only upgrades his fight against what is yet to come. He made that simple choice (not so simple to execute) to filter out the

 past and carry what's required and what's meant for burial. It took some time to start seeing the light again and he never looked back, the journey kept getting clear and clear. With every small step he built back his lost glory, he was once again the brightest in the room. Hard work paid off, with new wings, he tried to soar up even higher, higher than ever before. He got breathless, things starting getting blur and yet he is optimistic, he knows nothing but to keep moving, for the path behind is dark and dusty. Will he be able to keep up with the heights or crumble and fall apart? Will the deities show him mercy this time in winged forms?

He did not let his life's steering wheel get off his hands. He is barely holding on, but what matters is, he is holding on. These heights never scared him anyways, he was once phobic but not today, all his experiences play in his head while he sees only the ones that are essential, the ones that really matter.

He gathers up every bit of energy only to stand up and face the demons, even though he had no energy to fight. He's still standing fearlessly, only brewing up what's required to fight. He just goes on and on.

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