• Hela Mylavarapu


In a world that loves to talk but never hear, the timid remain unheard. Million people, zillion stories to narrate. The notable ones mostly remain unsaid. Shadowed by the tales of exuberant individuals, they remain in the dark. No, they are not forced to be there, they simply like it ; All by themselves, buried in a book or lost in thoughts.

Their minds are colour full galaxies. Obviously, black holes are a part of it. Many announce its existence out loud while few choose not to . All the troubles, all the hardships are locked away in a cage, sometimes along with rough feelings. For some, art becomes a key, unlocking and releasing all the tales rotting in their heart. Sharing with the world is one thing and sharing with a close one is another. The lucky ones find a harmonious relationship and pour everything out to their partner, the best way out, their problems would now seem less threatening.

Oh my, how would it feel to let it all go instead of letting it accumulate 

To Release everything inside and to throw the key?

Little birdies fly out enthusiastically (maybe?) Little criticism and little sympathy thrown here a there by people.

But what matters is, they are out. Its not something that big of a deal right? For few it is. Nature has balance and so does our mind. Once the equilibrium is lost, it's hard to get back. Not everything is meant to go out on word or not everything should get shut in, find the right filter and we are all good to go. Shielding our self from our own thoughts becomes essential when lost. But there will be brighter days for it shall all pass. The  sun will soon shine brightly and the thoughts will disentangle themselves.

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