• Hela Mylavarapu


Occupied with work,

He missed out those tiny happy moments

It's been a decade and he has the spirit to go on

But, was it worth?

He thinks as the glorious golden ray of light hits his table.

He has been working soo hard

Not for himself, but for another. Maybe it's time to quit and start something for himself. That's a huge risk to take and he's not ready for it.

Nature has an amazing quality of clearing out our sapien head. That beautiful spectrum from the heavenly sun suspended the moment. Time froze.

He couldn't help but think of that glorious time when he was a little boy. Too innocent but too smart for people around him. These forgotten memories evoked something new in him. His forgotten dreams and new found Confidence.

thud clap

Shut his laptop.

Shut his notebook.

He stood up.

One thing in mind;

He's not coming back.

Some would say that he committed a terrible mistake and some would say that he is only going to chase his dreams and he's going to be happy.

Fate was wicked. Everything seemed perfect in the beginning. The unveiling of the hurdles just began.

He jumped quickly over one as though he saw it coming. He slowly avoided the second one.

Almost fell into the third one.

Lot to deal with, but he knows that it's for the best. He does not complain. He doesn't think about giving up. He's just busy crossing one after another.

And someday, he will reach his destination, success awaits.

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