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Here is just one more in the list of digital artists, photographers, etc to develop their work and art in a far better manner. Another one from the Artist Display Series; especially designed to enhance your skills completely. 

It offers a 15.6" Display screen to make you more comfortable for your work. This screen further acts as if it is expanding your limit to express your ideas freely on the screen. Your skills of photography, editing, animation, graphic creation, digital illustrations, special effects and making presentations,  etc. can be entertained conveniently on this device. The screen is a full laminated IPS display that seamlessly combines glass and the screen which creates a distraction free working environment. Also it is easy and reduces stress in your eyes. By eliminating the parallax effect almost completely an enviable experience can be obtained. If you consider the profile; it is slim for 11mm, that contains easily accessible smart screen brightness button. It helps you to easily adjust your preferred brightness for drawing. 

 Along with this convenient screen features, it also offers 8 customizable shortcut keys putting more customization options at your fingertips;  thus adding another feature suiting your working style. This feature makes your work preferably easy, faster and customized;along with those shortcut keys. One more shortcut feature available here is the red dial shortcut that is supposed to provide smooth workflow and optimal efficiency. This also helps in carrying out zoom in and out on your canvas, scrolling up and down, and more such functions easily. 

The 60° tilt function above all is a feature that makes this device exceptional. This efficiently senses the gesture movement of your stylus, which accurately imitates the real tilting effect of a brush as it supports 60° of tilt function. Kines and strokes, being a vital part of digital and graphic creation can be delivered smoothly and having more natural transition. 

It comes with a P05R Battery free stylus pen to enhance your control for increased accuracy and fluidity for finest sketches and lines. It offers 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity for more convenience. Also this comes with AC 41 easy to use stand to prevent shaking or sliding as making your work environment more stable and steady. Further increase accuracy, this also reduces eye fatigue and hand stiffness; making it more comfortable for you. 

Another exceptional feature is it's replaceable anti glare optical film that makes it highly transparent and scratch resistant; hence, keeping the view as clear and bright as possible. This even reduces glare by keeping your screen crisp and clear, also giving out bright light.

Coming to the price of Artist 15.6 pro, it costs Rs. 49,999 and can be said as a great replacement of highly expensive wacom display tablets. As this product is approximately half the price of those. Number of power sockets and cables are available in the box and those are very helpful. Drivers and installation is also very easy. According to a customer, great value for money especially for 3D artists and designers. Customer support team is also very helpful and provides support till gets solved. 

Along with all these benefits and convenience in usage; this device is compatible with windows®10/8/7(32x64bit), Mac OS X® 10.10 or later and works with major graphics softwares like Photoshop®, Painter®, Illustrator®, Clip Studio® and many more.

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