• Surabhi Shrivastav

A scene plunged in smoke

The world is running, running at a speed where emotions, love, sympathy is left far behind. It has become a scene where people run at a gallop for a pipe dream. A dream that doesn’t exist, still they run like bulls crushing kindness because they consider it as a weakness.

But some innocent souls who never understood the cruelty of this race track loses, they feel broken. 

A man is hurt because he fails to feed his family, a woman is hurt because her love is incomplete. A boy wants to look cool between his high profile friends or girl fed up from his violent father. They all need someone or something. An escape from all these evils.

The forage starts and ends very easily. The escape is now found at the right corner of the street. A small kiosk that sells this poison at a very low price. He doesn’t care about the value of a single life, without realizing the world attached to it he sells cigarettes blindly. Seeing A 10 years old boy smoking 3-4 cigarettes is horrible. People notice, they gossip and then leave. But the cycle doesn’t stop. 

The power of stress is so strong that one fails to save his life from this slow death. The addiction is so strong that only one day without this intoxication seems like hell.

The young red blood is turning black, losing itself into a black hole. The competition is not to win but to prove who is worst in the name of coolness. The smoke is what they seek. They hide from responsibility, from the truth. They choose intoxication over reality.

When the difference between a good and bad habit was taught, no one realized it’s importance, it’s true meaning. We’ve often heard smoking is a bad habit. But does it matter?  Does all these teachings about good and bad matter?

This smoke, this addiction is eating us from the inside. The news is everywhere. Written on walls, flying pamphlets, true incident advertisements. But Nothing works, literally nothing works to stop them from inhaling this murderer inside them.

People say “ it’s never too late”. Well, it is, it’s late when your lungs give up. It’s late when cancer covers your mouth. It’s late when you leave your old ones forever crying all alone for you. This smoke is hell covered in white color. A hell where an evil traps you to harm yourself.

Please stop, stop before it’s too late.

These cigarettes, drugs, joints or whatever it’s called. It’s bad that it snatches your life before time. It leaves you nothing but destruction. 

Act now before it’s too late.

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